The BRIDGE Opioid Addiction Treatment

The BRIDGE Opioid Addiction Treatment

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The BRIDGE Opioid Recovery Is Now Available in Fairborn, Ohio

It’s very easy to get addicted to opioids, whether it begins with a prescription, recreational use or illicit drug use. Once you’re addicted to opioids, however, it can be incredibly difficult and often physically painful to get through the withdrawal process. The BRIDGE is the first non-pharmaceutical, non-implantable medical device available for opioid (e.g. oxycontin, methadone, suboxone) addicts needing help with withdrawal pain and associated symptoms.

There are many different treatments being used in the recovery and treatment field, but the BRIDGE is one of the safest treatment methods available. It is minimally invasive, producing positive outcomes for our patients who wish to recover from opioid addiction.

What is The BRIDGE?

The BRIDGE is a nerve stimulator which has been proven effective for reducing the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The BRIDGE sends gentle electrical impulses, effectively aiding in the reduction of symptoms of opioid withdrawal in as few as 10 minutes.

How the BRIDGE Works

The BRIDGE can be applied in an outpatient setting. While the device is operating, the patient will experience gentle pulsations, which result in decreased pain, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms. The BRIDGE is FDA approved and categorized as a neurology device.

Once the BRIDGE is affixed, the client will wear the BRIDGE for a 4-to-5-day period, where they would typically experience the greatest, most acute pain. At that point in the detox and recovery process, the client is past the worst of the withdrawal pain and discomfort and the device can be safely and easily removed.

Take the First Step to Recovery

We understand that lasting recovery from opioid addiction means providing tailored programs that involve family and heal all of those affected by addiction. We create a supportive and nurturing environment of healing to give our patients a new lease on life. Call us now at 937-318-8103 to schedule your appointment.

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